Always look on the bright side of life.


Ok, so here I go this is my first blog entry. As you already know my blog is going to point you in the direction of anything funny. I realise that for this blog to be successful I need to make sure I know what it is that makes us laugh. In the words of Julie Andrews “these are a few of my favourite things,” and I’m hoping you’ll agree with my top 5 tummy ticklers.

1) Live comedy.

2) A funny book, video or story.

3) Funny television programmes

4) Comedy films

5) Miscellaneous e.g. ‘Schadenfreude.’

I’ve included Schadenfreude because try as we may it’s often impossible not to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, hence the popularity of programmes such as ‘You’ve been framed.’ I was a recent victim, when friends found it hilarious that my efforts as a cheer-leader at a charity football event rewarded me with a football kicked smack into my face. My tip is if you can’t beat ‘em, join em’ because when I checked my front teeth were present and correct I could see the funny side and also had a good laugh.

Life is littered with stress and the greatest stress buster has to be laughter. I am by nature a cheerful soul but returning to university to do my post graduate course the stress of academic life soon took hold with dead-lines to be met, options to be chosen, exams to be passed etc. This coupled with the need to choose a pot noodle over a tasty take-away due to financial constraints have drained some of my fun tank. As a 23 year old female drawn daily to the mirror like a moth to a flame, I’ve decided that laughter lines are far more attractive than frown furrows. I think we should all be inspired by Eric Idle’s lyrics:

Always look on the bright side of life…If life seems jolly rotten…there’s something you’ve forgotten… and that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.

Laughter is infectious and good for you as confirmed by researchers at Oxford University who published a study suggesting that:

Laughter really is the best medicine…people feel less pain after a good laugh, because it may cause the body to release chemicals that act as a natural pain killer.

I genuinely want to help inject some laughter into your lives via my blog so enough rambling and down to business.

Here are my first laughter sign posts, pinching the method used by critics to ‘star rate films’ I’ll be using my personal laugh-ometer.

I recommend a blog which made me laugh so violently I nearly added another item of clothing to my laundry basket, it’s called ‘sleep talking guy,’ a wife’s recording of her husband’s nightly verbal somnambulism. I suppose cynics will question whether the recordings are all genuine but what the heck, ‘all’s fair in love and laughter.’


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  1. Ha ha! Very funny, I look forward to reading the rest of your blog posts!! I really wish I could have been there when you got hit in the face by a ball…… Oh wait!!! I was, it was hilarious, I agree, it IS difficult trying not to laugh at a friends misfortune!!

    I look forward to reading more! xx

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