Cold hearted bear…


Followers of David Attenborough’s ‘Frozen Planet’ will already know that it is a truly magnificent documentary taking viewers on:

The ultimate polar expedition.

The first episode on the 26th of October attracted nearly 7 million viewers on BBC One. There are 7 episodes altogether so if you have missed any make sure you catch up on BBC iplayer. The filming is phenomenal, surreal and fascinating.  It was 2 am and I couldn’t sleep, and so I decided to watch episode 1 again. It soon became obvious that my sense of humour had gone into over-drive.

I listened intently as Attenborough tells the tale of the male polar bear who we see walking for 10 miles in the frozen ‘desert’ until, EUREKA, he sniffs out a single female without cubs. The female is definitely portrayed as a heartless bear. She obviously doesn’t appreciate that he’s just walked 10 miles as she now feels the need to entice him to climb the icy equivalent of Mount Kilimanjaro before allowing him stake his claim.

After they mate, he must have been exhausted but instead of being allowed to enjoy his post-coital experience he  finds himself having to fight off several other suitors who have also ‘sniffed her out’.  I would have thought at this point the female may have been flattered by his efforts but instead having had her wicked way with him, obviously preferring a one night stand she walks off leaving him to his frozen fate.


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