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Hangover cures

My favourite alcoholic beverage.

The usual cause of my hangover.

It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow will be the beginning of a new year: 2012. I’m sure many of us will be out celebrating this evening and after several hours of drinking there’s always the dreaded hangover to look forward to in the morning.

Some people are lucky enough not to get them but unfortunately I’m not one of them. I have spent many mornings trying various ways to ‘cure’ my hangover and only some of them have worked and so I have been looking for some to share with you to prepare you for the aftermath of this evenings antics.

Bacon butty

Bacon butty

1) Bacon Butty.

Now for the science.

Newcastle University Scientists have approved this classic hangover cure. It works thanks to the carbohydrate in the bread, and the protein in the bacon, which breaks down into amino acids that help clear your head.

2) A coffee and an aspirin.

Coffee and Aspirin

Coffee and Aspirin

  Now for the science.

 Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia found a major cause of hangover to be the chemical acetate, which is dissipated by caffeine and some painkillers.



3) Honey.

Now for the science.

According to scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the fructose, sodium and potassium in honey help convert hangover-causing acetaldehyde into less-toxic chemicals, speeding recovery.



Some other tips to help reduce the effects of a hangover:

– Drink plenty of fluids that have electrolytes in them so your body can get back into balance.

-Take a hot shower,  it can help clear your head.

– Relax in a quiet environment (play some soft music and turn off your mobile phone/laptop and TV.)

– Make sure you get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours.)

– Eat some jelly it can soothe your stomach.

Happy hangovers, hope this helps!

(NOTE: The pictures I’ve displayed are the products I have in my house but do not reflect the brands you need to buy to cure your hangovers!)

New Year’s Eve


It’s that time of year again, we’re all worn out from the partying and stuffed after consuming all the Christmas dinner left overs and boxes of chocolates. Lets not forget there’s still New Year’s Eve another excuse to put on those party hats, get the party poppers ready and dance our way into 2012.

It’s always difficult to know what to do on New Year’s Eve, but there’s plenty going on in Cardiff to help you decide. Some may prefer a quiet night in watching the TV with a glass of champagne but for others there’s that all important dilemma as to which party to attend. Cardiff is always a fun place to go as it has a number of great nightclubs and bars.

In fact it has been voted the most sociable city in Britain according to statistics released today by CitySocialising, a socialising network for meeting new people looked at the social habits of 160,000 members throughout the UK.

Buffalo Bar:

Beatbox Ballroom New Year’s Eve Party: Outdoor marquee and sound system/ some great DJ’s/ £10.00 a ticket.

The North Star:

Live music and a hog roast/ £5.00 a ticket.

Ten Feet Tall:

Top hats and tiaras/ DJ’s/ £10.00 a ticket.

The Globe Bar:

Johnny Cage and the Voodoogroove/£10.00 a ticket.

Bogiez Rock Bar & Nightclub:

The only dedicated rock bar in Cardiff- DJ’s and the tickets are FREE.

411 Bar:

Playboy bunny party. Tickets £10.00 before November 30th , see website for current ticket prices.

Cardiff Arts Institute:

Great atmosphere and party tunes, £5.00 a ticket.

Glam Nightclub:

Glamorous black and gold theme at the New Year’s Eve Ball. Massive giveaways. £15.00 a ticket (includes entry on New Years Day.)

These are some of the events going on this New Year’s Eve in Cardiff so ladies choose your party dresses and gentleman get your snazzy suits ready to celebrate in style.

Christmas charts


If you thought the major battle for the number one spot in the charts was going to be the Army wives versus X-factor winners Little Mix well think again. Having listened to Chris Moyles morning shows on Radio 1 I can’t stop singing ‘Dominick the Donkey,’ complete with  ‘eee orrr, eee orrr.’  I now fully support Moyles’ efforts to get our new four legged friend to overtake his female rivals.

Dominick the donkey.

Dominick the donkey.



Christmas adverts.


There’s less than a week left of Christmas adverts so before the Cadbury’s Cream eggs hit the screen, I can still enjoy the John Lewis advert, you know the one I mean. It’s the one featuring the angelic looking little boy who can’t wait to give his parents their Christmas present.

The John Lewis Christmas advert 2011.

Just to prove ‘what a difference the sound makes’ have a look at the other version which totally transforms the cherub into the evil incarnate, Damien from the 1976 film ‘The Omen.


Christmas cheer


With less than a week to go until Christmas day I’m sure many of us are rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. The one gift I have left to buy is one for my father, his sense of humour is much like mine and so I have been searching to find him a good book. These are some I came across and thought I’d share with you.

‘365 Reasons To Be Cheerful,‘ at only £ 5.00 from Marks & Spencers.

‘Peter Kay: The Book,’ at £10.00 from Asda.

‘An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington,’ at only £ 3.86 on Amazon.

Jeremy Clarkson, Round the Bend,’ at £10.00 from Waterstones.

‘ The Fry Chronicles,‘ at £3.86 from Tesco.

‘Comedy Dave’s book,‘ at £5.85 on Amazon.

‘Keith Lemon: The Rules: 69 ways to be successful,’ at £6.25 from Whsmiths.

‘Gangsta Granny,’ at £6.49 from Tesco.

The Inbetweeners Yearbook,’ at £ 8.49 from Whsmiths.

‘Scared of Santa, scenes of Terror in Toyland,’ at £4.55 from Whsmiths.

After the Christmas festivities there’s also the new year to look forward to and so its time to take down the 2011 calendar and search for a replacement to be hung on the wall for another year. Here are some calendars to make you giggle in 2012:

Adult humour calendars.:

Violent Veg X-rated.

Naked male farmers.

Funny Animal calendars:

Goats in trees 2012.

Yoga cats 2012.

Cats in hats 2012.

Penguins at play 2012.

Weird and wonderful:

The 365 stupidest things ever said.

Nuns having fun.

(All available at:

Dobbin is still alive and kicking!


Christmas can be the most hectic and stressful time of the year, so when the golden opportunity comes along to set aside the red-hot credit card and the endless list of things to do, the choice of entertainment to get you into the Christmas spirit is all important. For some that might mean sitting at home, feet up with a mug of hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine watching TV offerings such as the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special. For others, a trip to the cinema could be beckoning, with attractions such as ‘Arthur Christmas’ in 3D, written by Cardiff born Peter Baynham. Read the rest of this entry

Funny gift ideas.


It’s only 15 days until Christmas, the only day of the year when you can get utterly inebriated and can eat a whole box of

Christmas tree

My Christmas tree

Quality streets and a full punnet of satsumas without feeling greedy.  The best thing about Xmas is that no matter how old you are you can always appreciate the magic and enjoy the gifts.

The day I realised I was getting old was the day my mum didn’t buy me a chocolate advent calendar. I was devastated especially when she replied with ‘your too old for an advent calendar.’ I made her feel so guilty that she went to the shops to buy me one, but to her disappointment they had all sold out. The digs continued until she felt so bad that she made me my very own advent calendar with little apology notes in each window. I eventually let it go and she now knows never to make that mistake again.

Xmas is a time for giving and receiving and as much as I love this concept it always makes me laugh how stressed everyone gets as they insist on buying all sorts of tack for 4th cousins removed. My mum is a perfect example, every year she buys a range of lavender products for her sister’s cousin’s auntie’s daughter’s mum. My mum also insists on buying a stocking for my two dogs, they love to get in the Xmas spirit.

Muffin my labrador.

Muffin my Xmas labrador.

Gizmo- loving the hat.

Gizmo- loving the hat.

I tend to leave my Xmas shopping  to the very last-minute as I find it very stressful to attempt to push through the busy crowds. These days many people use the internet to do their Xmas shopping, a very wise idea. Out of curiosity I thought I would browse the web to see what gifts were being recommended this Xmas, these were some of the humorous ones I came across:


Terry the swearing turtle: £ 18.95

Giant animal slippers: £14.95

Personalised Vodka:  £24.95

Mp3 headphone hat: £9.95 (If you want to look cool!)

Elf Christmas jumper: £ 34.95

Solomon Shire rocking horse: £ 279.00 ( I added this to my Xmas list!)

Sat Nag: £7.95

T-shirt folder: 12.95 (One for the guys!)

For the ladies:

Candy bra: Only- £ 5.95.

Make your own chocolate pizza: £12. 95

Hug a Mug: £ 8.95

Personalised adult Romance novel: £24.95

Wicked wax warm massage oil candle: £ 7.95

The pink garden kit: £ 26.95.

For the men:

Gnome soap on a rope: £6.95

Hot pants Hand warmers: £5.95

Wax on Wax off karate car kit: £9.95

Borat mankini: £7.95

Travel John Resealable disposable urinal (3 pack): £6.95

Velcro knife throwing kit: £7. 95

These are just some of the unusual gift ideas I came across (which i’m sure you are all dying to rush out and buy.) If you want some more ideas here are some of the websites I came across when I searched for some funny gift ideas:

In my search for Christmas ideas I also found some rather comical articles also highlighting the wonderful choice of Xmas gifts on offer:

The Guardian: Worst Christmas gift ideas.

The Telegraph: The worst Christmas gifts ever.

Marie Claire- 41 gifts we don’t want for Christmas.