Hangover cures

My favourite alcoholic beverage.

The usual cause of my hangover.

It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow will be the beginning of a new year: 2012. I’m sure many of us will be out celebrating this evening and after several hours of drinking there’s always the dreaded hangover to look forward to in the morning.

Some people are lucky enough not to get them but unfortunately I’m not one of them. I have spent many mornings trying various ways to ‘cure’ my hangover and only some of them have worked and so I have been looking for some to share with you to prepare you for the aftermath of this evenings antics.

Bacon butty

Bacon butty

1) Bacon Butty.

Now for the science.

Newcastle University Scientists have approved this classic hangover cure. It works thanks to the carbohydrate in the bread, and the protein in the bacon, which breaks down into amino acids that help clear your head.

2) A coffee and an aspirin.

Coffee and Aspirin

Coffee and Aspirin

  Now for the science.

 Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia found a major cause of hangover to be the chemical acetate, which is dissipated by caffeine and some painkillers.



3) Honey.

Now for the science.

According to scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the fructose, sodium and potassium in honey help convert hangover-causing acetaldehyde into less-toxic chemicals, speeding recovery.



Some other tips to help reduce the effects of a hangover:

– Drink plenty of fluids that have electrolytes in them so your body can get back into balance.

-Take a hot shower,  it can help clear your head.

– Relax in a quiet environment (play some soft music and turn off your mobile phone/laptop and TV.)

– Make sure you get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours.)

– Eat some jelly it can soothe your stomach.

Happy hangovers, hope this helps!

(NOTE: The pictures I’ve displayed are the products I have in my house but do not reflect the brands you need to buy to cure your hangovers!)


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