Reasons to be cheerful


It’s January 2012 and I’m just as shocked as you are at how fast another year has flown by. After spending vast amounts of money on celebrating Christmas and New Year’s January is usually the month that sees many people feeling  a bit down. The weather is miserable (which most of us living in Wales should be used to by now!) and money’s tight BUT fear not because my job is to remain positive and to spread the cheer.

Writer and actress Meera Syal has a three-part series at 10.30 AM (BBC Radio 4) on Saturday’s designed to keep us cheery through the dark days of January. In her opening series she celebrates the fact that women can enjoy boxing, sings of praises of karaoke, and looks at the good things about modern motherhood. The second part of the series will be this Saturday (14th January) so tune in to a series which:

 seeks to challenge the prevailing atmosphere of doom and gloom and dares to be optimistic

I thought I would also provide you with some reasons to be cheerful:

1) Life’s simply too short to be miserable- as illustrated by tragic stories we read about every day in the media.

2)  The world is our Oyster. Work can be stressful but why not take a leaf out of my dad’s book (whose 56) and take a trip. Though I am slightly jealous as I leant him my backpack to trot off to Thailand for 3 weeks!

3) There’s always something to look forward to (holidays, weddings, spending time with friends/families etc.) Arrange some fun things to do and jot them in your diary.

4) New year= New attitude: Why not pick a random hobby to do with a friend e.g. pole dancing or salsa classes.


Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece (Dalai Lama.)

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama


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