CJS Breakfast show

Practicing our Breakfast show

Me and Karen, practicing for the Breakfast show!

As a part of our exciting course we have the opportunity to work as a team to produce an hour and a half breakfast show. At the beginning of the week, we’ll have a breakfast meeting where we’ll all share story ideas and then assign a couple of stories to each member of the team.

Last week was my first breakfast show, and so we all spent the week gathering material, phone bashing and getting around our patch to get a range of light and serious stories to have an editorially balanced breakfast show. Myself and my colleague Karen volunteered to be the presenters. We spent some time in Bargoed speaking to people about the history of the town and the plans for its re-development.

We also went to speak to Andy Gorno, a Welsh food producer who has both Italian and Welsh heritage to find out who he’d supporting in the Italy V Wales on the weekend. On Thursday evening we sub-edited the programme to avoid any slip ups when reading through it.

It was one of the most exciting production days as we really got to know our content and worked really well as a team. The programme was recorded in three slots of half an hour, so here’s a sneak preview of our show:

(Team- Geraint Thomas, Tom Lewis, Tim Walsh, Niamh Hannon, Zahra Ullah, Kelly Bradnick (editor,) Karen Lyons, Lavinia Hoyos, Bethan Muxworthy.)


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