Monthly Archives: August 2012

Working 9 til 5


After a 3 week placement at ITV Wales with the Welsh current affairs team I was so pleased when they offered me a job when I finished my course. I couldn’t wait to finish another month of exams so that I could step outside our university journalism bubble and put what I’d learnt to the test in the real world.  Two months on from finishing my Post-graduate Diploma at Cardiff University and I’ve had some great opportunities and learnt so much.

My first programme was an undercover investigation into illegal tanning injections. I was able to use the undercover investigation skills i’d learnt on my placement as well as interviewing, editing, filming, producing and learning how to use the technical equipment. I absolutely love my job and working with such a great team has been great. Here’s my first programme (it is in Welsh but you can put English subtitles on.)

After finishing our first 4 programmes we went for a celebratory meal at the Grape and Olive in Cardiff. Here are the Hackettes: Branwen is my producer, Hanna is the presenter, myself and Catrin are the journalists and Christine is the editing queen!

For our last programme myself and Hanna went on a trip to the set of ‘This Morning’ in London to interview Matt Johnson, presenter of the ‘Hwb’ on S4C and This Morning. Our programme was about Welsh learners and as Matt is currently learning we went to interview him about his experience. It was a great opportunity to see the live broadcast of ‘This Morning’ and to meet the crew.

To promote our new set of programmes myself and the girls decided it would be a good idea to design some hoodies for us to wear on location. They proved extremely useful that very weekend as myself and Hanna headed to the Eisteddfod to film some interviews. There was a few rainy showers but luckily for us the Hacio hoodies kept our hair in ship-shape!

Here’s a link to the previous programme we worked on, where I did some of the filming, interviewing and editing: