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Toilet technology.

A Gap in the market. 

Captive Media is a British company that has patent rights in the UK to:

The world’s first interactive, networked washroom gaming system … with hands-free control.

The system consists of a high-definition screen and is fitted above the urinal at eye level so it commands the full attention of the user. When it’s not in use it plays adverts but as soon as a user comes near it, the system automatically switches into game mode. The male user will  control the game by “aiming his stream left or right.” Some of the games include a skiing challenge and a multiple choice pub quiz (plus twitter and Facebook allowing users to share scores across the country.)

The unit is a 12 inch LCD screen behind toughened glass so it is easy to clean and can be protected from any damage. The new technology is already in The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London and a pub in Cambridge hosted a “pre-trial launch” for free earlier this year. The company also aims to work on a similar system for ladies toilets but the focus has been on men as some research by Trade paper Adweek calculates that:

 on average men are rooted to the spot for 55 seconds while they relieve themselves – nine months over the course of their lifetimes.

Drinkaware has already signed up but the question is whether other brands will want to be associated with a technology  used by people during toilet time.

Weird but wonderful news.


BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, odd news stories with Dominic Byrne: Odd Box

Check out the week’s 10 weirdest videos that will crack you up. Here are some examples, my favourite 1 has to be the surfing labrador!

Other weird news headlines posted on the Telegraph Website:

M & S handbag smells of fish.

A Drunk Zoo visitor attacked by monkeys after climbing into pen.

ipad survives 1300 ft fall.

Police commandeer golf buggies to catch burglar on course.

Berlusconi releases album of love songs.

This has to be one of my favourites, a Welsh gardener praised for his 6 stone swede by Snoop Dogg confesses live on Sky News: