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Valentine’s Day Leisure for Life campaign in Rhondda


(Broadcast 14/02/12)

Leisure centres across South East Wales are encouraging couples to try something different this Valentine’s Day.

Rhondda Cynon Taf council is running a campaign to promote exercise in the community.

Our reporter Kate Varley has been at Tonyrefail Leisure Centre to find out more:


(Written and produced by Kate Varley and Bethan Muxworthy)

Valentine’s Day


Today was a very eventful and fun-filled day. Most people spend Valentine’s Day with loved ones and are showered with gifts. My day was somewhat different. Myself and my trusty irish friend had a 7 o’ clock start with camera and tripod in tact as we headed through the valleys to our desired destination.

As we all know it’s Valentine’s Day and as part of our course we decided to cover one of our television/online production days on this topic. Rhondda Cynon Taf Council  gave us a helping hand as their campaign ‘Love Leisure for Life’ encouraging couples to exercise  together seemed like an exciting initiative to cover. Especially for Valentine’s day the leisure centres had organised some promotional deals and ‘romantic’ events across the Borough.

I borrowed my friends Satnav, which bizarrely spoke to me in a strong Irish accent but decided to take me through the most narrow country roads imaginable and even off road. We arrived on time luckily and headed into the leisure centre to see what romance was in the air and this was what we saw…

Tonyrefail Leisure Centre

Valentine's Day in Tonyrefail

A romantic swim in ‘pink water,’ as the swimmers eagerly waited to jump into the pool of romance we rushed around to get some effective shots of the dye taking effect. After interviewing the manager and doing a piece to camera we had some great conversations with friendly locals, plenty of pictures and a vox-pop with possibly the sweetest elderly couple ever.

All was going great and so we headed back to university to edit our package together. We sighed a breath of relief as we sat back and began to contemplate how we would organise our minute and a  half  package. First things first my friend jokes ‘ha can you imagine we forgot the tape,’ as the manager had previously joked about it during the interview.

The joke was on us as my friend turns her bag upside down and the tape is nowhere to be seen. We call the manager to find out he found it in the plant pot beside where we had done our piece to camera. Back I went through the valleys to recover our tape!

 Luckily as were both calm and collective my friend stayed to edit the material we had and wrote it up as I went back to Rhondda. We managed to finish it and it was a lesson learnt. I must admit not the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day but it was definitely worth it, meeting all the people in the Leisure Centre and finding out about different campaigns in our area was a great experience and it’ll be one I’ll never forget.

Valentine's Day at Tonyrefail

Valentine's Day at Tonyrefail