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The joys of growing up


Admittedly it’s been a while fellow bloggers and I know it’s not acceptable to keep apologising for MY lack of blogging and so I’m just going to fill you in on my busy life and continue to do this as often as I can.

I really am learning how to be a broadcast journalist in 9 months- a bit like a journalistic pregnancy. I sleep, eat and breathe news and my brain is constantly working overtime as I think about ways I can be interesting, creative, organised and as my lecturer keeps telling me ‘relax and slow it down.’ I have a tendency when i’m excited to speed up and it has its positives (meeting deadlines,) but can also have its flaws (sometimes I feel like im in the panic room on the Exit List.)  Anyone who hasn’t seen that game show, it’s very addictive.

Nevertheless my life is 100 miles an hour and with less than a month before I break up for a very exciting 3 week work placement the pressure is on. It is possibly the most important year of my life but I am still making time for socialising and fun and of course I’ll be sharing that with you.

Firstly, yes it’s that time of year again- the Six Nations! Possibly the most exciting time of the year as I’m a massive

the aftermath of the rugby match

Crowds flocking out of the Milennium stadium

rugby fan and there’s nothing quite like a rugby day in Cardiff. Any home games at the Millennium stadium brings thousands of supporters, the streets are packed and the atmosphere is phenomenal. Yesterday Wales were playing Scotland and as the game ended the streets flooded with happy Welsh fans and the Scots were a great sport as they proudly wore their kilts.

This weekend was my 24th birthday and was celebrated in style with a house party theme, ‘seven deadly sins.’ My very good buddies made me heart-shaped biscuits and decorated the house with birthday banners and balloons.

I also loved the practicality of all my presents and how they were all useful for my journalistic lifestyle- a blazer, a smart shirt, posh handbag, pearl earrings, classy necklace, ‘State of Play’ DVD etc. 

It was definitely a memorable birthday and I am lucky to have so many good friends. The costumes were great;  a pride of lion’s, a lot of people GREEN with envy, some Katy Perry style ‘Gluttony’ costumes, Mr. Darcy himself (lust,) Miss Pride and many more.

Birthday fun

Seven deadly sins birthday

So that’s pretty much the social side of my busy life but journalistically it’s also been a bit crazy. Every Tuesday and Friday we have production days which reflect a real day in a newsroom. More often than not, the days will start with a stressful rush to get a 5 minute bulletin out by 9 o clock but then as the days go by and the interviews begin to come together the days are a massive adrenalin rush.

There’s no better feeling than working and developing a story, timing a bulletin perfectly, getting some great interviews and the list goes on. As I have finally got to grips with the technology side of things thanks to practicing in the TV studio and radio  booth the journalism can be the main focus.

TV studio practice

Practicing in the TV studio.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, that time of year when men feel a huge amount of pressure to buy the perfect gift and treat their loved ones to the usual cheesy gifts: chocolates, roses, teddies ETC.   I am very much looking forward to covering a story on it in the Rhondda.

Valentine’s Day is often focused around couples going for candle-lit dinners but this year the council are running a campaign ‘Love Leisure for Life,’ to encourage couples to exercise together on Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be an early start tomorrow as we go and see for ourselves how many couples will be hitting the leisure centres for a romantic swim.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

He’s behind you!

Cardiff Castle.

Christmas time.

 Cardiff is well and truly heralding the arrival of Xmas. The castle and its Xmas tree are decked with blue-star lights and the Winter Wonderland is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its ice-rink, ice cafe and other festive entertainment. 
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland.

There is another ‘sign’ that Xmas is just around the corner, a T.V. super-market advert reminds us of this. The advert I’m referring to features Jamie Oliver and a host of colourful dinner guests including Snow White, Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella, her ugly sisters and a Fairy god mother complete with magic wand. If you need another clue ‘he’s behind you,’ ‘oh no he isn’t,’ should make the penny drop. The Pantomime season is upon us ‘oh yes it is!’
 This year the New Theatre in Cardiff is putting on Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates from the 10th December until the 22nd January starring one of the country’s top dames Christopher Biggins and the brilliant ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.
I am planning to let you know if panto can compete in today’s high-tech entertainment world of computer generated special effect films. I also hope to answer the question: ‘Does panto still play an important role in community life, by bringing together young and old alike in a form of entertainment where interaction between performers and audience is key to making us laugh.’ In other words, is Dobbin the infamous pantomime horse still alive and kicking?

Stand up for Carnival Comedy.

Robin Morgan Comedian/Organiser.
Robin Morgan.

Carnival Comedy is a professional stand up comedy event  in The Yard in Cardiff.  The intimate and cosy setting creates a great atmosphere and places professional comedians in front of a smaller audience. The organiser Robin Morgan, introduces the acts with his refreshingly witty persona and prepares the audience with his own comedic warm-up style. At just £ 6.00 a ticket you get your money’s worth as the evening hosts three sets from different comedians.

Last night, after a busy day in university I felt the need to de-stress and have a giggle and so I headed to The Yard.  Last night’s comedians were: Chris Chopping, Flange Krammer and Stuart Goldsmith. Robin Morgan was on form as he successfully had us all in stitches before introducing the first act Chris Chopping.

He instantly picked on my friend and her boyfriend and when he asked her what her opinion was on ‘window shopping,’ followed by her confused facial expression I felt the need to step in. I think he was impressed by my Oxford Dictionary definition which went something like this, “well, in the context of a relationship, it means that he/she looks at another male/female in a sexual way but doesn’t take it any further.” His engaging style and infectious wit was a great way to start the evening.

Next up…Flange Krammer, acting as a German skiing champion and womaniser. He too had a very unique act, ending all his jokes with the line “Eat my powder!” As a part of his act he chooses two ladies from the audience to go up on stage for a round of Blind Date.  Guess who? Yes, I was one of the lucky ones along with my friend Sarah to be given the opportunity to go on a date to Harvester with the ladies man himself. Some people may find these circumstances uncomfortable, but he certainly managed to put us at ease by creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. 

To impress Flange we had to show off our finest skiing moves to some upbeat tunes. Despite the fact that I have never actually been skiing before,  I did my very best to be enthusiastic by jumping from side to side with my invisible ski gear, much to my friends amusement. After my efforts, followed by a delicious and refreshing sip of Flange’s ‘Power horse,’  my work was done.

The headliner act, Stuart Goldsmith finished the evening off with his infectious banter and inventive anecdotes. My favourite joke was when he described how to overtake a car sarcastically by weaving in and out of all 3 lanes ( you had to be there to appreciate the comedy.) His material was engaging and he had us all laughing hysterically from start to finish.

Carnival Comedy

Carnival Comedy

The next Carnival Comedy evening will be on January 30th featuring Josh Widdicombe. At the 2011 Fringe Festival, Widdicombe performed his debut solo show “If this show saves one life…”, and was consequently nominated for Best Newcomer by the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards and Chortle Best Breakthrough Act nominee 2011. An evening not to be missed, follow @carnivalcomedy and @robinjaymorgan on twitter for information and updates.

It just slipped out.


It might be cruel to laugh, but unintended innuendos are one of the best sources of humour in everyday life. In my search for some funny books (as I promised,) I came across a great stocking filler for Christmas. It may have been published last year, but if anything this is a bonus as it means you get if for even cheaper. Russell Ash compiled an encyclopedia of history’s funniest double entendres, ‘It Just slipped out,’ now priced at £ 6.99 on Amazon.Ash reminds us that over the decades a number of marketing campaigns have produced memorable double entendre slogans e.g.  ‘Drink Canada Dry’ (Canada Dry ginger ale,) ‘Birds Eye Battered Cod Pieces’ and’ Size matters. It’s what you do with it that counts’ (Renault Cars.) Whilst researching this topic I came across a few other examples which might amuse you:

Sexual innuendo was funny until comedians started shoving it down my throat (Oscar Wilde.)

Luke, at that speed, will you be able to pull out in time (Star Wars.)

An example of a visual innuendo is the hilarious advert for Specsavers where the man featured in it is getting ‘steamy’:

On Tuesday’s at 6 pm Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills does a show called ‘innuendo bingo,’ it is very funny and you can watch it on the website. Here’s an example of one of the shows, the most recent isn’t available on iplayer but this will give you an idea of what to expect so you won’t miss the next one:


The best thing about innuendos are the fact that people use them in everyday conversation unintentionally resulting in a great deal of laughter. Last week, in pairs we had to book out a video camera and a tripod to film a sequence of different shots to create a story. After half an hour of spreading the tri-pods legs (not too wide as Colin Larcombe my lecturer emphasised,) and precariously balancing the £2000 camera on top of it we were almost ready to film.



I remembered we needed background noise, I held the boom mic ready and shouted to my friend, ‘I’ve found the furry thing but it won’t fit in this hole.’ Once we overcame these minor issues we were ready. I placed the camera in the front of the room to film my partner (Sarah Powell.) It was our first time and so I think we can be excused for our complete lack of professionalism. On the tripod there was a lever, or as I described ‘a stick,’ and I was having quite a bit of difficulty manoeuvering it.

Spreading the legs.

I’m sure this is wonky.

Fortunately 5 minutes later one of the ‘tech’ men came into the room and offered his assistance. As he walked over to my tripod I felt the need to explain my frustration, ‘well this stick here is all floppy and when I try to move it, it flops back down. So what I need to do is make it stiff so then I can move it up and down.’ It was only after the ‘tech’ man blurted out a giggle that I realised my little rant was interpreted as a double entendre.

Now, with a stiff stick I was ready to film our story. Sarah played a disobedient pupil and I played a strict teacher, one thing we were good at was acting, (as you may be fortunate enough to see if I can upload our work of art.)  The  ‘tech’ man had been such a great help we asked him if he minded acting in our ‘story’ as a headmaster. He disappeared for ten minutes, by which point we had completed our one minute story. Upon his return he seemed very disappointed and made an innuendo of his own as he said ‘I went to get my ruler ready to discipline you,’ (at least I hope it was an unintended innuendo.)