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Giggles mid week


Originally my blog was meant to be a laughter guide which would involve me posting anything funny for you all to have a good old giggle at. I then realised my blog has in fact been taken over by my experience as a journalist, perhaps reflecting how much I’ve learnt and how much I’ve grown up since getting a proper job and finishing my course. BUT do not fear as I’m still always on the look out for funny things, so I came across this which made me actually LOL (laugh out loud,) so have a look and a laugh!


This video also reminded me of my dog and how human like she can sometimes be. You have to love Labrador’s ūüôā

The Artist


I would firstly like to apologise for my lack of blogging this month, however I have had a valid excuse. I started back on the 9th of January and was revising solidly for an exam in ‘Public Admin.’ I also had other deadlines to be met and tried to avoid the internet as I get easily distracted. Fear not, I am back and will be making an effort to bring cheer to you all!

As a little treat for myself I’ve been going to the cinema with friends for a little escapism.¬†With¬†¬†the Oscar nominations¬†there was one film that¬†picked up the most nods,¬†one which¬†¬†I didn’t think would be my cup of tea but I was wrong! After much persuasion from my best friend I decided to go to see ‘The Artist’ last night. The thought of watching a silent movie did not appeal to me in the slightest but ten minutes in and I was hooked.

The main actor, Jean Dujardi¬†and his hilarious little dog were central to the comedy of the film and his cheeky and charming mannerisms made him a likeable character from the start. B√©r√©nice¬†Bejo, the¬†lead actress and her¬†love towards Jean Dujardi¬† was a beautiful love story and again was a great source of humour. The silence of the film didn’t seem to matter as the narrative was so easy to follow and the pathos worked really well.

I won’t go into too much detail but for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, it truly is an ¬†incredible film and worthy of all its nominations in the Oscars. It’s also one which will definitely put a smile on your face.

Christmas charts


If you thought the major battle for the number one spot in the charts was going to be the Army wives¬†versus X-factor winners Little Mix well think again. Having listened to Chris Moyles morning shows on Radio 1 I can’t stop singing ‘Dominick the Donkey,’¬†complete with ¬†‘eee orrr, eee orrr.’¬† I now fully support¬†Moyles’ efforts to get our new four legged friend to overtake his female rivals.

Dominick the donkey.

Dominick the donkey.



Christmas cheer


With less than a week to go until Christmas day I’m sure many of us are rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. The one gift I have left to buy is one for my father, his sense of humour is much like mine and so I have been searching to find him a good book. These are some I came across and thought I’d share with you.

‘365 Reasons To Be Cheerful,‘ at only ¬£ 5.00 from Marks & Spencers.

‘Peter Kay: The Book,’¬†at ¬£10.00 from Asda.

‘An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington,’ at only ¬£ 3.86 on Amazon.

Jeremy Clarkson, Round the Bend,’ at ¬£10.00 from Waterstones.

‘¬†The Fry Chronicles,‘ at ¬£3.86 from Tesco.

‘Comedy Dave’s book,‘ at ¬£5.85 on Amazon.

‘Keith Lemon: The Rules: 69 ways to be successful,’ at ¬£6.25 from Whsmiths.

‘Gangsta Granny,’ at ¬£6.49 from Tesco.

The Inbetweeners Yearbook,’ at ¬£ 8.49 from Whsmiths.

‘Scared of Santa, scenes of Terror in Toyland,’ at ¬£4.55 from Whsmiths.

After the Christmas festivities there’s also the new year to look forward to and so its time to take down the 2011 calendar and search for¬†a replacement to be hung on the wall for another year. Here are some calendars to make you giggle in 2012:

Adult humour calendars.:

Violent Veg X-rated.

Naked male farmers.

Funny Animal calendars:

Goats in trees 2012.

Yoga cats 2012.

Cats in hats 2012.

Penguins at play 2012.

Weird and wonderful:

The 365 stupidest things ever said.

Nuns having fun.

(All available at: http://www.calendarclub.co.uk)

Weird but wonderful news.


BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat,¬†odd news stories with Dominic Byrne: Odd Box

Check out the week’s¬†10¬†weirdest videos that will crack you up. Here are¬†some examples, my favourite 1 has to be the surfing labrador!



Other weird news headlines posted on the Telegraph Website:

M & S handbag smells of fish.

A Drunk Zoo visitor attacked by monkeys after climbing into pen.

ipad survives 1300 ft fall.

Police commandeer golf buggies to catch burglar on course.

Berlusconi releases album of love songs.

This has to be one of my favourites, a Welsh gardener praised for his 6 stone swede by Snoop Dogg confesses live on Sky News:

Evil penguins…


For some reason penguin’s always bring a smile to my face. I¬†love watching how graceful they are in the water and then how they waddle about on the ice (not so gracefully).¬†I just love penguins and so when I saw this video it¬†made me ‘LOL,’ (laugh out loud)¬†and I had to share it with you:

When I was in my teenage years I was a huge fan of the Wallace and Gromit animated short¬†films, my favourite character being the evil penguin ‘Feathers McGraw.’¬†I love that he¬†does not say a word or have any facial expressions yet he is so successfully portrayed as sly and deceitful.¬†The subtle humour is¬†brilliant, if you haven’t seen the films yet you can buy them for really cheap online , they are definitely worth a watch. Take a look at the evil penguin in action: