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Funny gift ideas.


It’s only 15 days until Christmas, the only day of the year when you can get utterly inebriated and can eat a whole box of

Christmas tree

My Christmas tree

Quality streets and a full punnet of satsumas without feeling greedy.  The best thing about Xmas is that no matter how old you are you can always appreciate the magic and enjoy the gifts.

The day I realised I was getting old was the day my mum didn’t buy me a chocolate advent calendar. I was devastated especially when she replied with ‘your too old for an advent calendar.’ I made her feel so guilty that she went to the shops to buy me one, but to her disappointment they had all sold out. The digs continued until she felt so bad that she made me my very own advent calendar with little apology notes in each window. I eventually let it go and she now knows never to make that mistake again.

Xmas is a time for giving and receiving and as much as I love this concept it always makes me laugh how stressed everyone gets as they insist on buying all sorts of tack for 4th cousins removed. My mum is a perfect example, every year she buys a range of lavender products for her sister’s cousin’s auntie’s daughter’s mum. My mum also insists on buying a stocking for my two dogs, they love to get in the Xmas spirit.

Muffin my labrador.

Muffin my Xmas labrador.

Gizmo- loving the hat.

Gizmo- loving the hat.

I tend to leave my Xmas shopping  to the very last-minute as I find it very stressful to attempt to push through the busy crowds. These days many people use the internet to do their Xmas shopping, a very wise idea. Out of curiosity I thought I would browse the web to see what gifts were being recommended this Xmas, these were some of the humorous ones I came across:


Terry the swearing turtle: £ 18.95

Giant animal slippers: £14.95

Personalised Vodka:  £24.95

Mp3 headphone hat: £9.95 (If you want to look cool!)

Elf Christmas jumper: £ 34.95

Solomon Shire rocking horse: £ 279.00 ( I added this to my Xmas list!)

Sat Nag: £7.95

T-shirt folder: 12.95 (One for the guys!)

For the ladies:

Candy bra: Only- £ 5.95.

Make your own chocolate pizza: £12. 95

Hug a Mug: £ 8.95

Personalised adult Romance novel: £24.95

Wicked wax warm massage oil candle: £ 7.95

The pink garden kit: £ 26.95.

For the men:

Gnome soap on a rope: £6.95

Hot pants Hand warmers: £5.95

Wax on Wax off karate car kit: £9.95

Borat mankini: £7.95

Travel John Resealable disposable urinal (3 pack): £6.95

Velcro knife throwing kit: £7. 95

These are just some of the unusual gift ideas I came across (which i’m sure you are all dying to rush out and buy.) If you want some more ideas here are some of the websites I came across when I searched for some funny gift ideas:




In my search for Christmas ideas I also found some rather comical articles also highlighting the wonderful choice of Xmas gifts on offer:

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