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Rhod Gilbert


Every month Rhod Gilbert hosts a comedy evening at The Globe in Cardiff on Albany Road. The first event was kept quiet but everyone soon found out about it on twitter and from the media.  Carmarthen born Rhod Gilbert is a multi award-winning Welsh comedian with a great reputation as a first class live act.

Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert @ The Globe.

Many of us have seen Rhod appear regularly on our TV screens, he has performed twice on Live At The Apollo – most recently as a host, headlined Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, hosted Have I Got News For You and Never Mind The Buzzcocks and appeared on The Royal Variety Performance.

Last year he hosted his own television show on BBC One: Ask Rhod Gilbert and has written and recorded two series of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, where he spends time working in ordinary day jobs e.g. a bin man in Barry. He has had a great few years establishing himself as a top Welsh comedian with some legendary stand up routines.

When I found out about Rhod Gilbert’s comedy night in The Globe in Cardiff organised by Comedy Playground I was thrilled to find such an event was happening around the corner from my house. I had my debit card ready to buy some tickets but to my disappointment they had all sold out. I tweeted Comedy Playground and asked them to let me know if any more tickets were going to be released.

The next event was December the 4th and again all the tickets sold out straight away. A week later I received a tweet from the event organisers saying they released a batch in Spillers Record in an arcade in Cardiff. I ran out of university and headed straight there to buy a bunch of tickets for a group of friends.

The 4th December arrived and I could barely control my excitement as I headed to The Globe to see Rhod. I don’t think it mattered who else was performing as long I got to see the Rhod Gilbert in person. I may sound a bit obsessive, but I have always had a bit of a crush on him and the fact that he is hilariously funny obviously is the main reason for my visit to the comedy evening (honestly.)

The Globe bar had a great atmosphere, the seating upstairs and down meant it wasn’t too crowded. Many people avoid sitting in the front row in comedy shows knowing there’s a good chance you will get dragged into the comedians act, but this didn’t matter to us. The only seats available were either right at the front or at the back and so I jumped at the chance to be so close to the stage (and Rhod Gilbert.)

The evening was phenomenal, the three main acts Gareth Richards, David Trent and Markus Birdman were all hilariously funny and very uniquely different. David Trent made a great first impression as he came on the stage and slipped over on the floor, which I thought was a part of the act but turns out it wasn’t.  Trent’s act was very creative as he used a projector to show videos, images and played music to accompany his jokes. His act was very spontaneous and worked extremely well.

As a part of the evening Rhod Gilbert gives up and coming comedians the opportunity to do a 5 minute stand up and unluckily for me as he asked this question I raised my hand to scratch my head. He laughed and said ‘wrong time to have a scratch then love!’ The night was very laid back and his interaction with the audience was brilliant.

Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert

During the night Rhod Gilbert noticed many of the people had been to the event before and he joked ‘I don’t want you coming again, I know you’ve been before as well which means I’ve got to change my material every time which I can’t be arsed to do!’ He practiced some of his material he had been preparing for other upcoming shows and had us all crying with laughter (I won’t tell you because I don’t want to give it away!)

Rhod asked us all to encourage newcomers to the event so he wouldn’t have to change his material so if you would like to go keep an eye out for tickets and follow @complayground for updates.