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He’s behind you!

Cardiff Castle.

Christmas time.

 Cardiff is well and truly heralding the arrival of Xmas. The castle and its Xmas tree are decked with blue-star lights and the Winter Wonderland is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its ice-rink, ice cafe and other festive entertainment. 
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland.

There is another ‘sign’ that Xmas is just around the corner, a T.V. super-market advert reminds us of this. The advert I’m referring to features Jamie Oliver and a host of colourful dinner guests including Snow White, Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella, her ugly sisters and a Fairy god mother complete with magic wand. If you need another clue ‘he’s behind you,’ ‘oh no he isn’t,’ should make the penny drop. The Pantomime season is upon us ‘oh yes it is!’
 This year the New Theatre in Cardiff is putting on Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates from the 10th December until the 22nd January starring one of the country’s top dames Christopher Biggins and the brilliant ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.
I am planning to let you know if panto can compete in today’s high-tech entertainment world of computer generated special effect films. I also hope to answer the question: ‘Does panto still play an important role in community life, by bringing together young and old alike in a form of entertainment where interaction between performers and audience is key to making us laugh.’ In other words, is Dobbin the infamous pantomime horse still alive and kicking?